Rental 18ft boat

Surtees 5.5m (18ft) Runabout, 90HP Evinrude E-Tec

Fully equipped with safety gear. Easy start, economical and quiet outboard. Braked trailer. Cushioned squabs both outside and in the cabin.

Rental Nirvana 18ft, great fishing boat

MV Nirvana 5.5m (18ft) Surtees Workmate 90HP

Very fast smaller boat, great for both the East and West coasts. Great fishing and water sports boat with good fishing space. Gets you were your going fast!

These boats are light and easily towed with a 2 litre car. They include a unique automatic water ballasting system that gives the stability at rest and the ride of a much larger vessel.

•  Easy to launch - These boats can be launched anywhere on the East Coast, rivers or lakes and some of the inner harbours on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

•  Comfortable - Space for up to 6 people, an adjustable hard top, two berth cuddy cabin and fold down seats make them easily set up for diving, fishing or family outings.

•  Optional benefits - You can opt to hire a skipper if just want to relax or are not that experienced at boating. We've even got fishing equipment that you can rent out.


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